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Qualified staff


We understand that success requires dedication. Especially when working across the borders and time zones. We believe that we need to be here 100% in mind, body and soul.



Strategy organization and all of its objectives are realized by the people. Of who they are and how they work depends on the success of the company. Even the best manager does not perform all his own hands, even the best strategy does not implement itself. The fate of the company depends on its participants. Workers carrying out the strategies and objectives of the organization may become a source of success or an element of the functioning off the limits. Hence the GTC employs the right people with specific knowledge, abilities and attitudes.


Each of GTC’s customers has got own contact person who serves its knowledge and experience. Team is in regular contact with customers on every aspect, and they are the leaders of internal operation with full range of GTC’s services at their disposal. Our strength comes from the people who work every day to take the extra step toward complete customer satisfaction


Our Designing Team blends experience of craftsman’s who went through all the grades of our company and know all the secrets of our industry with new blood bringing novelty and freshness.


Team on the Production Site is the group of qualified staff who produce every single item according to established rules. Our employees work on the following departments: incoming warehouse, cutting area, sewing area, riveting area, final product quality control.


And finally, at the end of the production process, our experienced logisticians quickly and efficiently organize the shipment of goods based on customers instructions.


Our aim is to provide you with a premier quality service based on understanding of your requirements and business objectives.