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Graphic support


GTC has its own a full-service design studio offering creative, professional graphic support.


We know that image is a vital part of your business. Your website, advertising, brochures and other marketing issues must offer more than just a pretty picture. Your image has to work hard for you, with words and graphics tailored to tell your story to current and potential customers.


Our experienced graphic team works with you to ensure that you get the right image and a higher return on your investment. We focus on understanding you. We help you to find the design solution that best meets your needs.



Catalogues and Leaflets

The main objective of a catalogue is to promote the products and services offered by your company. A catalogue layout properly designed must show your company’s products arranged neatly, so that they can be easily recognized; and, at the same time, it must look attractive to improve your sales. We carry about the details and create materials corresponding to your Company guidelines. With your small help we can prepare the materials in every language.
Sometimes catalogue is to big issue. Than leaflet is enough. Leaflet is a good solution when you have new items in your range and would like to introduce them without waiting for new edition of the catalogue.



Photos and Sessions with Models

If you need professional photos our graphic designer can prepare them in high resolution, ready to use for your promotional purposes. Those can be done both: studio professional photos as well as pictures taken in action to show products in use. Sometimes it is even necessary to show in the picture their purpose.
A good photographer and a model are the persons you need. That is why GTC offers professional photo sessions organized outside or in own atelier. This kind of photos give straight clear information about durability of the products and say that they are really not a toys but top quality professional stuff.


Header Cards

Header cards are designed to hang the products on the hook. Made of high quality carton provides all necessary information: description, item code, bar code, picture. The header cards can be used on almost every type of product to make an attractive hanging presentation pack. We can create cards in any size and design for you. Header cards are a functional and attractive way to display products. Please note we are professionals so we start our work from exploring carefully your Company Brand Guide and finish providing all the designs for your final acceptance.