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Customer service


Being customer focused means providing services that are useful and relevant for our existing and potential customers. It reflects the culture of a service and an organization that aims to find out what is important to the customers.

If our service is customer focused the needs of our customers will drive it. Every day we discover what our customers expect and try to come true these expectations, if possible.

It may be easier to understand our existing customers because we know who they are. By fully and accurately assessing need we are able to identify also who our potential customers are.


Marketing Product Managers


Marketing structure in GTC ensure clear well-defined customer relations and efficient service. In GTC every customer has got own contact person: Marketing Product Manager. Thanks this solution customers doesn’t have to wonder to whom direct all questions. With all issues they turn to own Marketing Product Manager who helps on each matter – regarding details of the product, production schedule or logistics issues.

Product Managers are in regular contact with customers on every aspect. For this purpose our employees are assisted by modern software systems and communications being always ready to help.



We know this solution is popular and nothing new in relations with customers but we broaden this rule to all possible aspects of everyday cooperation by not leaving any recognizable aspects not covered.


Full Service


GTC is more than manufacturing company. GTC provides full concepts for all type of bags and pouches used in industry both to be sold as an accessory and used as a promotional items. Service we provide:

    • Recognition of customers’ target market for   products being a new experience for them

    • Products designing process, creating unique   design solutions

    • Preparing packages, header cards, master   cartons

    • Designing displaying stands and creating   sets ready to enter to the market

    • Providing professional studio pictures in high   resolution

    • Preparation of photo sessions with models   presenting the products in use. Also on the   outside, or in places designated by the   customer

    • Preparing catalogues and leaflets

    • Providing complementary items used to better   promote basic products

    • Flexible delivery dates based on specific   requirements

    • Delivery terms according to the customer   instructions

    • Additional support in marketing activity, free   samples, participation in trade fairs,   exhibitions

    • Regular providing of new designs and ideas

    • Exclusive cooperation is selected areas


To provide all those services to our customers all the staff of GTC is involved every day doing their job as good as they can.