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Quality control


Our products are top quality. The systematic surveillance of the manufacturing processes is performed by strictly defined quality assurance parameters in order to immediately recognize and adjust deviations.


Quality begins with the choice of raw materials. Our vendors are those whose products comply with our purchasing specifications on a continual basis. We set the course here for a first-class final product.



Every raw material has got own identify card. When arrived to GTC is checked, piece by piece, and compared with right sample. Thanks this we are sure that only correct raw materials will come into production process.


Next quality control is during production process. Selected staff control through the production area and look for discrepancies, if any.


Last, third quality control concerns final product. In Quality Department every product is checked again piece by piece. 100% correct items are refer to warehouse, wrong – to improvement or destroy.



Described rules makes us trusted supplier with nearly zero complaints on an account..