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Material solutions


In GTC we know that it is not enough to create only good product.



End users expect much more. Offer with wide range of products in high quality is only good beginning of future cooperation. Customers await professional information about product and specialist knowledge. Constantly we are looking for new materials and technical solutions to could give you unique product.


Raw Materials


GTC always strives to find the best raw materials for its products. Strict criteria are imposed when it comes to the materials’ properties, composition and appearance. New raw materials are tested and previously approved by skilled workers. Every raw material gets own identity card with all necessary information like required quality, sample of this material, internal code number, supplier name, color or thickness. By doing so, GTC is able to use raw materials that are expressly suited to the task that the finished product is designed for. 


Dominating raw materials are polyester and leather. Metal additions such as buckles or rivets are chromed or thermo painted which assures their exceptional quality and durability. A great many additions are made thoroughly of acid resistant steel.