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In crowded marketplace, innovation can be strategic to the continued success of the business. GTC know how to encourage and pursue it.

Ideas, processes and our people are the drivers of innovation. To meet the innovation challenge, we need to drive our organization's best ideas through repeatable processes while leveraging the power of our most important asset - our people.


Innovation is the activity of people and organizations to change themselves and the environment. It means breaking routines and dominant ways of thinking, introducing new things and behaviours, launching new standards.


In GTC we use following kinds of innovation:


    • product innovatione.g. new goods or   services put on sale;

    • process innovation, which changes the way   a given goods are produced within the   company or across a supply chain;

    • behavioral innovation, when an   organizational routine is replaced with new   ones.


Very often, the innovation turns out to be a mix of all three “pure” categories, as with the case of the introduction of a new product that require new productive competences and changes in the organization.


Thanks to its specialization GTC provides its partners with high quality of services, based on higher level needs understanding as well as timing decreased to minimum.