FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does GTC can design something for a special customer request?

  • 2. Does GTC deliver the goods to the customer?

  • 3. What is the lead time?

  • 4. What are the payment terms?

  • 5. What is the minimum order quantity?

  • 6. Where the products are manufactured?

  • 7. Can the customer visit the GTC Company to discuss the project, to see how the company works etc.?

  • 8. How the GTC conduct in case of complaints?

  • 9.. Does GTC company serve graphics work like catalogs, professional photos etc.?

  • 10. Does GTC supply metal stands, display walls etc.?

  • 11. How the products are packed?

  • 12. Does GTC can pack ordered items together with customer tools creating sets ready to sale?

  • 13. Who in GTC customer should contact with?

  • 14. What stand out the GTC Company from the competition? Why is it worth cooperating with GTC Company?