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Polyester handle to enable easy carring. Measuring tape clip holds any common builder’s tape measure from 3-10 meters. Special pouch mouth wire keeps the unique shape. Youcan bend the wire and the same way adjust the shape of the bag to your body. Chain hook for insulation tape. Adjustable shoulder belt makes lifting more comfortable. Metal hooks at the ends let you unfasten the belt when not needed. Open design for External pockets around the bag for easy access to all sorts of things being stored. quick tool recognition. Wide main pocket holds plenty of tools. Rigid and waterproof plastic sheet inside for reinforcing the bottom and maximum tool protection. Removable and easy to clean.
Technical Data:
8 ½ in
11 ½ in
7 ¼ in
4,01 lb
5,50 gal
220 mm
290 mm
185 mm
0,95 kg
6,10 l