> P-72154
Universal Garden and Forest Pouch
The holder sits comfortably on any Makita tool belt or normal clothing belt. Perfectly positioned open deep pocket holds plenty of fixings, provide quick tool recognition and is easy to get into. Rubber bands stitched to the back side of the main pocket organize tools and keep them in right places. Perfect for wedges. Extra leather layer in hard wearing areas, ensuring resistance to years of wear and tare. Side-Gate metal tool holder swings to keep axe or calliper and tools at a comfortable angle. New solution with side gate lets you easily hang the tool without looking at the holder. Features a leather-lined interior on hard wear areas, that will put up with years of wear and tear from screws, nails and other sharp fixings. Riveted – for truly unbreakable strength with galvanized washers top and bottom. Knife slot made of real leather holds any common utility knives so it is always handy when is necessary Versatile slots made of real leather. Perfect for pincers or other tools.
Technical Data:
10 ¾ in
8 ¾ in
4 ¼ in
1,08 lb
0,29 gal
275 mm
225 mm
105 mm
0,49 kg
1,30 l