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Honesty in relation to our customers is our top priority. We know that in the long run, this feature is the solid foundation of our business. Progress and change for the better are the strategic elements of our business. Continuous improvement and implementation of positive change makes that we become stronger and more competitive.



GTC values:


Customer orientation

Our customers and partners are at the forefront of everything we do. Every interaction demands our professionalism, understanding and respect. We believe we can make a difference to the businesses of our customers.


Innovation and creativity

We’re energized by progress, by the constant possibility of improvement in everything we do. Creativity and innovation are often key to the success of a business, particularly during strategic planning, and when designing new products and services. Creative thinking and innovation are particularly useful during Strategic Planning and in Product and Service management.



GTC is aware that it must have the ability to initiate and make changes in the rules already in force in the enterprise in order to better adapt to market needs and requirements of the environment, and thus the capacity to effectively respond to changes and disturbances within and around the company and don’t treat those changes as threats, but as an opportunity to undertake new activities and verify the market. This flexibility makes that the company is competitive on the market.

Team work

In the GTC we work in teams. Some things can not be carried out by people working individually. Larger, ambitious goals require the cooperation. It brings more success. We work according to essential skills that one must learn in order to be able to successfully adopt the concept of teamwork. These skills are:

    • Listening - it is important to listen to other   people's ideas. When people are allowed to   freely express their ideas, these initial ideas   will produce other ideas.

    • Questioning - it is important to ask   questions, interact, and discuss the   objectives of the team.

    • Respecting - it is important to treat others   with respect and to support their ideas.

    • Helping - it is crucial to help one's   coworkers, which is the general theme of   teamwork.

    • Sharing - it is important to share with the   team to create an environment of teamwork.

    • Participating - all members of the team are   encouraged to participate in the team.

    • Trusting - you need to be able to trust the   other members of your team, this makes it   much easier to work as a group.


Willingness to learn and improve

Each of us takes a leadership role in our accountability to each other and improve our organizations.



We must be willing to assume leadership roles, as needed, to ensure the successes of other individuals and teams in our company. We must be willing to learn the new skills needed to effectively work and collaborate in a team environment and to better utilize our individual leadership skills.