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The GTC company was established in Slupca in 1993. However GTC has grown up from the three generations of experience in leather goods industry. At the moment still remain private family owned Company.


Business was started shortly after second world war by grandfather Stefan Chwilowicz as a small craftsmanship enterprise crafting handmade leather harnesses and was changed by his son Franciszek into small factory producing leather bags and accessories.



Finally developed by third generation Grzegorz and Tomasz to the current size and position of European leader in designing and producing customized tool pouches, tool bags and other tool accessories for the best brands in tool and construction industry.


Brothers decided to split up the business and found two independent companies. Both leaned on the experience and knowledge of their forefathers and used leather as a basic fabric still. Tomasz opted to produce elegant gifts such like a wallets and document holders. Grzegorz has founded GTC Company and started do produce tool bags and tool cases. Since that time real history of GTC, leader on its trade, has begun.



In 2003 GTC has moved to the new location in small town Pyzdry. Bigger area let to extend production, bought new machines and invested in new technology. Since that time GTC has steadily diversified into other fields offering now the broadest range for professional users and for DIY market.


Now GTC employs around 250 workers and still grow up